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​    Most of the best weights made during the classic period came from Europe, particularly France, where Baccarat, Clichy, St. Louis and Pantin, and a couple of other small glassworks, St. Mande and Grenelle made fine weights. Other fine paperweights were made in Russia, England and Bohemia-Silesia. We have special pages devoted to each of these makers.
    There are a small number of good weights, which appear to have been made in Europe, whose makers so far have not been identified. In fact, some of these weights are very fine and interest me enough that I have an ongoing series of articles I have been writing for the Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors’ Association, titled, “Who Am I?.” These are the weights we will feature on this page when we have any.
For years thought to have been made at Boston & Sandwich, these uncommon diamond quilt bubble weights appear to have been made in Germany at the start of the twentieth century. This one is priced very reasonably as it has black cullet on the sides from the making, under the thick clear glass dome. This is the rarest of the three color known.

2 13/16" diameter.


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