Welcome to GlassPaperweights.Com our website devoted to showcasing the finest examples from the almost 200 year long history of the art of making fine glass paperweights. We are the Dunlop Collection, a gallery which has been in business forty years selling the best this art-form has to offer. We are one of the world’s premier galleries dealing with the art of fine glass paperweights.

The owner, and founder, Paul Dunlop is one of the world’s leading experts in the field. He is the author of four books on paperweights and has contributed to dozens of others. He has written for several magazines and is frequently called on to give presentations. 

Papier Presse, our publishing house is proud to have printed some of the best books dealing with paperweights as a special art. Our website GlassPaperweightBooks.com lists every book we have published, as well as all of the books from other publishers on this subject. We try to keep in stock every book ever written on fine weights, no matter how long out-of-print or how rare. This is the most complete source for paperweight literature in the world!
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