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This circa 2010 Peter McDougall millefiori cane flower, canes and garland are set on an opaque red ground. A matching dish for you office accessories, (paper clips, stamps or chocolate candies), is included. Both pieces are signed with Peter's cane reading "PMcD."

2 13/16" diameter, dish 4 1/16" diameter.


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    Peter Mcdougall was born in a small village called Almondbank, Perthshire in Scotland on April 13, 1952. He was the second of four sons born to a roofer. His mother, a buyer for a drapery store was a musician. Peter was married to his wife Catherine on October 6, 1973. They have four sons Scott, Peter, Allan and John. As a young man Peter lived next door to Jack Allan the manager and head gaffer at Strathearn Glass in Crieff. This was all that was needed for Peter to become interested in glass. 
    As those who are familiar with the history of Perthshire know, Strathearn at the time made novelty glass including inexpensive millefiori paperweights. When their general manager, Stuart Drysdale, happened to see the 1965 Woman’s Day article featuring fine antique paperweights, he was intrigued with the idea of his craftsmen making fine weights like the antique weights he saw in the article. Although several of his glassworkers were excited by the challenge, the owners of Strathearn were not, and Drysdale realized that he would have to start his own glassworks if his plans were to go any further. Jack Allan and the young McDougall were among the five workers Drysdale took with him to start Perthshire in 1968. 
    In this environment McDougall prospered. In the years at Perthshire he learned all he needed to become a master glassworker, eventually becoming the manager there. When Perthshire closed on January 5, 2002 McDougall had to make other plans. ​
Later that year, on September 23, 2002, Peter started his own studio to make paperweights. His studio, PMcD Glass Studio Ltd. was located in Crieff, Scotland. There he continued his life’s work, making fine glass weights for several years. As he was largely responsible for many of the designs produced at Perthshire over the decades, his work has a “Perthshire” look, or more accurately, many Perthshire weights have a “McDougall” look. Peter made fine lampwork weights in the “Scottish” style, but it is his millefiori weights which are his best work. His canes are beautifully complex with a good variety of colors and fine details. The weights exhibit an exceptional craftsmanship. A PMcD signature cane is included in each weight, and the date of production is inscribed on the base. 
    Excerpted from The Dictionary of Glass Paperweights, Paul H. Dunlop, Papier Presse 2009.